Wider Opportunities

Wider Opportunities

At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School we provide all pupils with opportunities beyond classroom learning to enrich and deepen understanding; providing invaluable experiences which also develop personal and social skills. As part of our Wider Opportunities, we promote enjoyment and positive attitudes to life and learning.


At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School, we provide a wide range of sports based and non-sports based before and after school clubs. We map out our clubs’ offer over the year to ensure that there is an opportunity for every child from Years 1-6 to access an out-of-school hours club if they would like to. We also provide club opportunities within curriculum time called Great Opportunity sessions.

Great Opportunity Sessions

At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School we offer Great Opportunities for all pupils so that they can experience ‘club type’ sessions within school time. During PPA pupils experience sessions that enhance the curriculum; pupils enjoy martial arts, additional musical instrument teaching, additional expressive dance, orienteering and STEM activities. Great Opportunity sessions are taught by our school staff and external providers. We have a progressive cycling proficiency plan; pupils in our EYFS are taught balance bike skills, which progress throughout school; our staff are trained in teaching cycling, and we hold a variety of bikes in school.


At Beckfoot Heaton we plan aspiration opportunities to provide pupils with a sense of purpose, motivation, and direction in life. We plan an aspiration week event every year to introduce pupils to various roles and help them think about their futures; a highlight of which is a ‘Guess my Job’ assembly where our UKS2 pupils play a fun game to guess the role of visitors, pupils then have the opportunity to hear more and ask questions. Each year pupils create vision boards which they reflect upon and share with their families and peers. We have mapped out aspirational roles across our curriculum.  


At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School, we value collective worship and assemblies, which we design to promote spiritual, moral and cultural development. Our assemblies provide the opportunity for children to explore their own beliefs as well as develop community spirit through shared ethos and values. Our assemblies include reflection on values, faith, festivals and community as well as sharing achievements.

Trips and Visitors 

At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School we value trips and visits; all our trips and visits are carefully mapped out to enhance learning and provide pupils with valuable opportunities. Our trips are carefully planned and researched so that they provide value for money. Our Year 5 pupils experience a residential visit as part of transition into Year 6.