Welcome to Reception

The Reception curriculum covers a range of topics such as: Space, In the woods and Under the sea where our pupils have the opportunity to share their learning with their families in our class assembly. As part of our farm topic, we are visited by a farm where we learn about each farm animal, feed the animals, brush the donkeys and collect eggs. Our Reception pupils love accessing the carefully planned provision available in each classroom and enjoy exploring the vast outdoor space where they can foster many skills and develop knowledge and an understanding of the world we live in. Over the year, children become independent learners, engage in active learning and develop creative and critical thinking through the areas of learning and development. Having a story-based curriculum helps our children develop a love of reading where we share carefully selected high-quality texts such as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and Rainbow Fish.

Autumn 1

Main Text

Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy

Topic: Space

Pupils in Reception start school with an exciting topic on Space. Our pupils develop imagination skills during this topic and learn vocabulary associated with space. Pupils build creative skills through the exploration of media and materials to make rockets, stars and aliens! Pupils engage in a science-based experiment where they are mesmerized by the launch of their class rocket. Pupils explore light and dark using torches and tents. They investigate magnetic forces using materials and magnets, observing the effect of the magnet on magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Autumn 1 includes feelings about starting school, building relationships with others, expectations of school and how to manage feelings in appropriate ways.

Autumn 2

Main Text

Book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Topic: In the Woods

In this topic pupils are immersed in the story; We’re going on a bear hunt. They role play the story on a large scale outside, by squelching through the mud in our wellington boots and stumble tripping across Reception’s woodland area. This topic includes learning about brown bears and polar bears and comparing the environments they live in. During this topic pupils discuss day and night and learn about nocturnal animals. Pupils explore changing states of matter by freezing water and melting ice through problem solving tasks. Our Reception pupils visit the woodlands and learn about the season, using their senses to explore. They create maps of their woodland journey and view the school in our local area on satellite/google maps.

Spring 1

Main Text

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Topic: Under the Sea

Our Under the Sea topic includes learning about creatures found under the sea. We research the job of a scuba diver and a marine biologist which inspires pupils to role play the occupations and think about future aspirations. We read Rainbow fish and discuss the underlying moral to the story; one of sharing and kindness. We learn creative techniques such as overlapping, threading, tearing and cutting to create different sea creatures. We experiment with printing and create shades of darker and lighter colours. Reception pupils learn key vocabulary associated with this topic through songs and direct teaching which the pupils share with their parents during our class assembly.

Spring 2

Main Text

The Enormous Turnip (based on a Russian folk tale)

Topic: Growth

Reception pupils learn the story of The Enormous Turnip. During this topic pupils learn to name a range of vegetables and take part in tasting each one. Pupils learn the life cycle of a plant and what a plant needs to grow. We plant vegetables and flowers and measure the heights to which these grow. Pupils develop their drawing skills by looking carefully at fruit and vegetables and use sketching techniques to draw them. Woodland exploration focusses upon observing and naming insects found in the woodlands.

Summer 1


Little Red Hen (based on an American folktale)

Topic: On the Farm

Our pupils learn the names of farm animals and their babies. This topic includes an exciting visit from a farm to school. Pupils learn facts about animals, brush, feed and get to hold some animals. They explore our woodlands to collect eggs and ‘milk’ an artificial cow. This inspires pupils to write sentences and lists and thrive in the role play farm shop. Pupils explore what humans get from farm animals and match animals to the product. Pupils learn the text, The Little Red Hen, create story maps and bake bread. Pupils discuss farm machinery from now and in the past comparing similarities and differences. They engage in opportunities to build these using large and small construction. In our woodlands sessions, pupils explore the seasons and observe changes they can see from past visits

Summer 2


Jack and the Beanstalk (based on an English fairytale)

Topic: Once Upon a Time

In the final half term Reception pupils listen to traditional tales which inspire them to create their own letters and stories to story characters. Pupils retrieve their knowledge of parts of a plant and how plants grow. Pupils plant beans, observe changes and record the measurements. Pupils develop their critical thinking skills by investigating whether beans can grow without soil. This unit ends with a teddy bear picnic, with children learning basic skills to make their own delicious sandwiches to eat at their picnic!