Reading and Phonics at Beckfoot Heaton

At Beckfoot Heaton, we value reading as a key life skill, and are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers. We believe reading is key a factor in contributing to a great life. We  understand that reading has many components, therefore teach reading in a variety of ways.  We use a synthetic phonics programme called ‘Read Write Inc’ produced by Ruth Miskin. Read Write Inc is a method of learning letter sounds and blending them together to read and write words. As part of this programme, pupils have daily phonics sessions in small groups where they participate in speaking, listening and spelling activities that are matched to their developing needs. The teachers draw upon observations and continuous assessment to ensure pupils are stretched and challenged and to identify pupils who may need additional support. Pupils work through the different phases, learning and developing their phonics sounds and knowledge.  

Pupils take part in daily, structured Guided Reading lessons from Year 2 – Year 6, where they are exposed to a range of different texts and taught specific reading skills and strategies which ensure they can understand what they read. 

We have a wide range of reading books in our school, including texts that reflect the diversity within our school community. Each classroom has a wide selection of books, including books which are directly linked with the topics studied. This offers opportunities for pupils to apply their reading skills across the wider curriculum.