Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School we use our outdoor spaces to enhance our learning; being in a natural outdoor environment nurtures wellbeing alongside supporting our curriculum subjects. All our outdoor play zones are planned to support pupils to learn, we support pupils to explore and play independently; play is part of our curriculum. We are lucky to have a woodland area with an outdoor classroom, this space is invaluable to support all learners across school.

Heaton Woodland Area

At Beckfoot Heaton we value the outdoors; we have an exceptional woodland area which we use daily. We have mapped out curriculum sessions which take learning into the woodlands; we immerse pupils into roleplay activities where stories come to life, we use the natural woodland environment to create artwork, build DT projects, and plan sessions to help pupils explore the world around them. All our woodland sessions are linked to NC objectives and enhance the learning taking place in the classroom. We invite our families into our woodland sessions at many points within the year.

Active Play

At Beckfoot Heaton Primary School we value active play; we plan for active play sessions across our outdoor areas. In each of our outdoor zones we have activities to encourage pupils to be active. At lunchtime we have family outdoor play where our pupils are free to access all areas with pupils of different ages playing together; this allows our pupils to interact, build positive relationships, support each other and build our Heaton community.